Everyday Insoles

Freshen up your shoes with new insoles that you can use every day.

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Half Sole Leather

90 kr
Product: Half sole of vegetable tanned sheepskin for good comfort and hygiene. Features: ..

Leather Sole Lambskin

120 kr
Product: Insole of vegetable tanned sheepskin and high efficiency carbon filter. Features:&nb..

Half Insole

35 kr
Product: Half sole made of latex. Features: The half sole is cushioned in förfoten and increa..

Natural Deosole

75 kr
Product: Lightly perfumed hygiene sole that contains real moss that counteracts unpleasant odor..

Deo Sole For Women

85 kr
Product: Ultra thin deosole. Features: Material that is consisting of microfibers allows brea..

Anti-odor sole

60 kr
Product: Anti-Odor sole made of latex. Features: Perforated and with activated charcoal ..

Thin Cork Sole

70 kr
Product: Thin cork soles. Features: Top made of soft cotton, the underside of pressed co..

Organic Deosole

100 kr
Product: Shoe sole terry to counteract unwanted odors. Features: sole is made of sisal with a surf..

Sole Sheepskin

80 kr
Product: Comfortable sheepskin insole. Features: With anti-slip soft latex base and active ca..

Latex Sole

55 kr
Product: Latex Sole with citrus scent that prevents unwelcome scent. Features: Provides ..

Felt Sole

40 kr
Product: Inner sole made of wool. Features: Keeps feet pleasantly warm and dry. With grooved botto..
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