Heel Cushions Cups

Heel cushions for those who relieve the heel and make it more comfortable to use your shoes.

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Heel Pad Leather

90 kr
Product: Extra soft and comfortable heel cushion made of vegetable tanned lambskin and latex. F..

Heel Cushion

70 kr
Product: Absorbing heel cushion in goatskin. Features: Soft on top and gives a soft reli..

Heel Pad Cork

30 kr
Product: Cork heel pad enhances comfort and prevent chafing and different leg lengths. Features: E..

Heel Grip Leather

30 kr
Product: Heel grip in leather.   Features: Prevents blisters and gaps in the shoe. The heel g..

Heel Pad

130 kr
Product: Beautiful and comfortable heel cushion TPE gel. Features: Has two different den..
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