Increase the comfort of your shoes with comfortable insoles, we offer insoles made of genuine leather and warm insole of lambswool.

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Foot support lady

150 kr
Product: Built-up foot support for open shoes. Consists of soft latex that provides support.Features..

Comfortable insole

200 kr
Product: Insole with latex bottom. Is extra soft and prevents cramps.Features: Helps you a..

High Heels Gel Sole

125 kr
Product: Extra slim and discreet silicone sole adapted for high-heeled shoes. Features:  Adapte..

Summer Sole

100 kr
Product: Comfortable insole for summer shoes.Features: The sole keeps feet fresh and cool. The ..

Heel Pad Leather

90 kr
Product: Extra soft and comfortable heel cushion made of vegetable tanned lambskin and latex. F..

Half Sole Leather

90 kr
Product: Half sole of vegetable tanned sheepskin for good comfort and hygiene. Features: ..

Leather Sole Lambskin

120 kr
Product: Insole of vegetable tanned sheepskin and high efficiency carbon filter. Features:&nb..

Half Insole

35 kr
Product: Half sole made of latex. Features: The half sole is cushioned in förfoten and increa..

Thin Cork Sole

70 kr
Product: Thin cork soles. Features: Top made of soft cotton, the underside of pressed co..

Heel Pad Cork

30 kr
Product: Cork heel pad enhances comfort and prevent chafing and different leg lengths. Features: E..

Arch Support

180 kr
Product: Arch Supports in soft calfskin. Features: Comfortable and provide a stable arch supp..

Discrete Sliding Stop

85 kr
Product: Discreet sliding stops that keep the foot in right place. Made of lambskin and latex. ..

Discreet Arch Support

100 kr
Product: Structured arch support in goatskin. ..

Viva Leather Sole, 3/4

230 kr
Product: Anatomic built sole in genuine leather. Features: Provides a stable arch support ..

VIVA Leather Sole

330 kr
Product: Comfortable, anatomically shaped leather sole with high comfort. Gives the foot the ri..

Comfortable Shoe Soles

200 kr
Product: Anatomically designed soles that are specially designed for summer shoes and sneakers...

Arch Support In Lambskin

75 kr
Product: Arch Supports in lambskin. Features: Receiving slumped arch. The springy wedge insert sup..


265 kr
Product: Ultra footbed PU foam Features: Provides stable support for the foot and unsurpassed shoc..
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