Shoe Care Kits

Here you are guaranteed to find the perfect gift for the shoe lover. Valet boxes, shoe care sets and other shoe care packages that you will benefit greatly from.

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Shoe Valet Beech

595 kr
Product: Shoe care valet for keeping your shoe care products in place. Size: H 14, W ..

Shoe Valet Beech

525 kr
Product: Shoe care valet for keeping your shoe care products in place. Size: H 14, W ..

Engravement, Leather

325 kr
Product: Engraving genuine leather sewn on aprons or shoe care kit. Features: If you want your apron..


295 kr
Product: Engraving for Shoe Care Valet. Features: If you want your Valet Box engraved, you can add ..

Shoe Care Valet Beech

445 kr
Product: Sleek Shoe Care Valet in solid beech wood. Features: Elegant and practical Shoe Care Valet ..

Leather Care Kit Springyard

380 kr
Product: A luxurious gift box for leather shoes. The gift box package contains 1 Shoe Cleaner, 1 Sh..

Suede Kit Springyard

400 kr
Product: A luxurious gift box for suede and nubuck. Suede Package includes 1 Foam Cleaning for sho..

Shoe Care Kit Brass

620 kr
Product: Exclusive shoe care valet with classic style with foot rest. Features: Has a dark colo..

Cleaning Kit Sneakers

150 kr
Product: Cleaning kit for effective cleaning of your sneakers. Features: Cleans and refreshes t..

Shoe Brush Set

140 kr
Product: A set that is perfect for those who need the necessary shoe accessories for leather sh..

Shoe Valet Walnut

545 kr
Product: Our very own tasteful shoebox with walnut burr with brass colored handles and details...

Shoe Valet Cedar

495 kr
Product: Tasteful valet box in natural fragrant cedar with flaps and footrest.   Features:..

Shoe Care Valet, Classic

1,000 kr
Product: Filled valet box with selected products from Springyards Classics range.   Featur..

Shoe Care Kit Ecco

400 kr
Features: Shoe care kit consisting of cleaning shoes, shoe polish (neutral), impregnating, clot..

Shoe Care Valet, Therapy

1,200 kr
Product: Filled Valet with selected shoe care products.Features: Perfect start kit with pr..

Shoe Care Set Leather

395 kr
Product: Shoe Care Set in genuine leather with shoe care products from KIWI.Features: Contains 2 KIW..

Shoe Care Kit Leather

395 kr
Product: Shor Care Kit in leather with shoe care products.Features: ContainsKIWI shoe wax ..

Shoe Valet KIWI

1,105 kr
Product: Shoe Valet of birch wood. Features: Comes with 2 Kiwi Classic neutral and black shoe polish..

Shoe Valet Black

800 kr
Product: Practical valet box in black wood. You can also get the engraving read more via the link E..

Shoe Valet

795 kr
Product: Shoe care valet for keeping your shoe care products in place. Size: H 15, W 20, D 28 cm.Opt..
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