Shoe Care Leather

Leather care for shoes and other leather products.

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Saphir Créme universelle

120 kr
Product: Leather cream for all types of leather and leather (excluding matte surfaces such as suede ..

Shoe Paste

40 kr
Product: Shoe wax for smooth leather shoes. Instructions: Apply a small amount of cream on cloth or..

Saphir Grease

175 kr
Product: Grease for shoes and boots in leather or nubuck. Contributes to high gloss. Regular use ext..

Saphir Pate De Luxe Big Pack

690 kr
Product: Saphir Pate de luxe shoe polish in a large package.Contents: Beeswax, Carnauba and turpenti..

Saphir Cordovan

185 kr
Product: Saphir Médaille d'Or Créme 1925 shoe polish consists entirely of natural ingredients such a..

Leather Care Kit Springyard

380 kr
Product: A luxurious gift box for leather shoes. The gift box package contains 1 Shoe Cleaner, 1 Sh..

Leather Care Kit Saphir

345 kr
Product: Leather care packages consisting of 2 Shoe polish Creme Surfine (neutral and black), ..

Leather Care Kit Collonil 1909

435 kr
Product: Leather care packages consisting of 2 Shoe cream deluxe (neutral and black), 2 Polish..

Leather Care Kit KIWI

290 kr
Product: Leather care packages consisting of 2 Shoe wax (neutral and black), 2 Polishing clot..

Organic Leather Conditioner

175 kr
Product: Organic leather conditioner that is eco certified. The leather conditioner consists of..

Tip-Top Leather Conditioner

75 kr
Product: Tip-Top leather conditioner, sponge applicator included. Features: Tip-Top leathe..

Refreshing Formula

100 kr
Product: Formula designed to cleanse and refresh all types of shoes both inside and outside. Fe..

Shoeshine With Applicator

100 kr
Product: Shoeshine with applicator for smooth, oiled and waxed leather shoes. Features: Pr..

Shoe polish Tube

95 kr
Product: Shoe polish in a tube with applicator that provides care and shine to smooth leather s..

Saphir Leather Grease

105 kr
Product: Saphir Sport Loisir Outdoor is a leather grease that is specially developed for impreg..

Saphir Pate de Luxe

70 kr
Product: Saphir Pate de Luxe is a caring shoe polish to give your shoes a high gloss and a prot..

Waterproofer Spray Rustic

120 kr
Product: Waterproofer designed for oiled nubuck and greasy leather. Features: Provides effect..

Spray Waxed Leather

90 kr
Product: Neutral renovaiting oil spray  for waxed and oiled leather. Features: Keeps the..

Shoe Wax Boots

80 kr
Product: Impregnation for soccer shoes and boots of leather. Works for shoes alone or with Tex membr..

Leather Conditioner

180 kr
Product: Leather conditioner with sponge. Features: Cleans, softens and impregnates the leather sh..
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