Shoe Cleaning

Clean your shoes with high quality cleaning products. We offer shoe cleaning products for both suede and leather shoes.

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Saphir Reno Mat

145 kr
Product: Clean agents for skins and leather that clean the material in depth, which is usually enoug..

Leather Care Kit Springyard

380 kr
Product: A luxurious gift box for leather shoes. The gift box package contains 1 Shoe Cleaner, 1 Sh..

Cleaning Kit Sneakers

150 kr
Product: Cleaning kit for effective cleaning of your sneakers. Features: Cleans and refreshes t..

Saphir Suede Brush

170 kr
Product: Rubber Brush Saphir, ideal for cleaning both suede and nubuck shoes. ..

Saphir Suede Cleaning

155 kr
Product: Saphirs cleaner for suede, nubuck and textiles cleaning material effectively in depth, the ..

Polishing Cloth

30 kr
Product: Polishing cloth for leather shoes. Used for application of shoecare and effective glos..

Leather Soap

100 kr
Product: Tip-Top Leather soap with a sponge that is included. Features: Wash your leather ..

Quick Polish

40 kr
Product: Express polish containing wipes for shoes, great to have at home in the hall, in your bag o..

Refreshing Formula

100 kr
Product: Formula designed to cleanse and refresh all types of shoes both inside and outside. Fe..

Shoe polish for varnished shoes

90 kr
Product: Shoe polish for varnished shoes that cleans and cares. Features: Clean, provides ..

Shoeshine With Applicator

100 kr
Product: Shoeshine with applicator for smooth, oiled and waxed leather shoes. Features: Pr..

Shoe Cleaner

120 kr
Product: Foam Cleaning the dispenser shoes in all materials. Works also for cleaning of bags. F..

Suede Kit Cleaner

100 kr
Product: Complete cleaning kit for suede, nubuck and canvas.   Features: Removes dirt..

Saphir Leather Grease

105 kr
Product: Saphir Sport Loisir Outdoor is a leather grease that is specially developed for impreg..

Suede Kit

265 kr
Product: Suede Package that includes the footwear Products, you need to care for your suede sho..

Organic Shoe Cleaner

140 kr
Product: Liquid shoe cleaner for shoe made of leather, suede and nubuck. Features: Restores and en..

Organic Shoe Shine

90 kr
Product: Organic shoe cleaner which provides high gloss to smooth leather shoes. The Product can als..

Leather Conditioner

180 kr
Product: Leather conditioner with sponge. Features: Cleans, softens and impregnates the leather sh..

Cleaning cream

80 kr
Product: Cleansing Cream for shoes leather products.Features: This leather lotion consists..

Polish Collonil 1909

120 kr
Product: Shoe polish from Collonils premium series 1909. Suitable for smooth leather shoes. Contains..
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