Waterproofing of suede and leather shoes to extend the life of your shoes. We also offer organic and organic impregnation that nurtures the shoes in a sustainable way.

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Saphir Renovateur

225 kr
Product: Caring spray for shoes of suede and nubuck.Features: Waxes and oils in the sprayen protects..

Saphir Grease

175 kr
Product: Grease for shoes and boots in leather or nubuck. Contributes to high gloss. Regular use ext..

Suede Kit Springyard

400 kr
Product: A luxurious gift box for suede and nubuck. Suede Package includes 1 Foam Cleaning for sho..

Suede & Textile Waterproofing

80 kr
Product: Tip-Top suede and textile treatment is environmentally friendly. Features: Waterp..

Saphir Leather Grease

105 kr
Product: Saphir Sport Loisir Outdoor is a leather grease that is specially developed for impreg..

Suede Kit

265 kr
Product: Suede Package that includes the footwear Products, you need to care for your suede sho..

Waterproofer Spray Rustic

120 kr
Product: Waterproofer designed for oiled nubuck and greasy leather. Features: Provides effect..

Spray Waxed Leather

90 kr
Product: Neutral renovaiting oil spray  for waxed and oiled leather. Features: Keeps the..

Suede & Nubuck Waterproofer

120 kr
Product: Waterproofer for suede and nubuck shoes. Available as colored and neutral. Features: Waterp..

Waterproofer Rough Leather

100 kr
Product: Waterproof for rough leather shoes and shoes with Tex-membrane. Features: Provides optimu..

Waterproofing Paste

90 kr
Product: Waterproofing paste for waxed and oiled leather products. Features: Contains waxes an..

Shoe Wax Boots

80 kr
Product: Impregnation for soccer shoes and boots of leather. Works for shoes alone or with Tex membr..

Sohlen Tonic

90 kr
Product: Waterproofer that protects and take care of the leather soles and increases the life o..

Suede Color

75 kr
Product: Liquid shoe polish for suede and nubuck. Features: Restores and enhances color and provides..

Colored Suede Waterproofer

85 kr
Product: Colored suede waterproofer with pigment. The product is also ideal for nubuck and text..

Waterproofer Wax

160 kr
Product: Waterproofer for smooth waxed leather shoes. Features: Contains carefully selected w..

Water Proof Spray For Shoes

130 kr
Product: Impregnation for shoes made of leather, suede, nubuck, textile and Products with Tex-membra..

Organic Waterproofing Spray

160 kr
Product: Organic waterproofing spray that nourishes and protects the shoes and other products made o..

Power Protector

115 kr
Product: Powerful waterproofing spray for leather, suede, nubuck and textiles.   Feature..

Eco Waterproofing Spray

150 kr
Product: Waterproofing for leather, suede, nubuck, textile and Products with Tex-membrane. Fe..
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