Shoe Care

Here you will find everything you need to care for your shoes. In our range of products you will find waterproofing, shoe polish and other products that make your shoes last longer. We have shoe care products from Saphir, Kiwi, Collonil 1909 and other brands.

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Cleaner Shoe Cleaner

100 kr
Product: Cleaning gel for all types of materials.Features: Cleaning gel that foams with water. Works..

Saphir Tenax spray

135 kr
Product: Spray paint for leather, leather and synthetics.Volume: 150 ml..

Saphir Teinture

165 kr
Product: Alcohol-based paint for leather, suede, nubuck and synthetic. Completely all-through colori..

Saphir Créme universelle

120 kr
Product: Leather cream for all types of leather and leather (excluding matte surfaces such as suede ..

Saphir Pommadier

155 kr
Produkt: Saphir Medaille d'Ors skokräm Crème Pommadier 1925 är en signaturprodukt från Saphir s..

Saphir Reno Mat

145 kr
Product: Clean agents for skins and leather that clean the material in depth, which is usually enoug..

Shoe Deo Yocoair

40 kr
Product: Deodorant for shoes.Features: Quickly removes smell and dies from the shoes. Yocoair breaks..

Shoe Paste

40 kr
Product: Shoe wax for smooth leather shoes. Instructions: Apply a small amount of cream on cloth or..

Saphir Renovateur

225 kr
Product: Caring spray for shoes of suede and nubuck.Features: Waxes and oils in the sprayen protects..

Saphir Grease

175 kr
Product: Grease for shoes and boots in leather or nubuck. Contributes to high gloss. Regular use ext..

Saphir Pate De Luxe Big Pack

690 kr
Product: Saphir Pate de luxe shoe polish in a large package.Contents: Beeswax, Carnauba and turpenti..

Apron Canvas and leather

745 kr
Product: Canvas- and leather apron in very durable and resistant brown waxed canvas with large pocke..

Apron Brown Canvas

495 kr
Product: Apron durable and resistant in brown canvas with genuine leather straps, buckles in brass. ..

Apron Light Gray Canvas

295 kr
Product: Apron made of durable and resistant canvas in light gray color with belts of genuine leathe..

Leather Apron

1,150 kr
Product: Handmade leather apron in durable and resistant vegetable tanned leather. Made in four piec..

Leather Apron

1,150 kr
Product:Hand-made leather apron in durable and resistant vegetable tanned leather. Made in one piece..

Casco Rubber Stopper

160 kr
Product:Silicone, seals and impregnates most materials. Features: Floating. Tempered provides the du..

Perfumed Deosole Ladies

75 kr
Product:Ultra thin scented insole that prevents odours from sweaty feet. Features: Absorbs moisture...

Saphir Cordovan

185 kr
Product: Saphir Médaille d'Or Créme 1925 shoe polish consists entirely of natural ingredients such a..

Tarrago Leather Color

110 kr
Product: Self-shining water based leather colour, works both for leather and synthetic materials. No..
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