Brushes & Applicators

Shoe brushes, applicators and polishing cloths for those who need to freshen up their shoes. Here you will find shoe brushes, suede brushes, polishing glove in lambswool and various types of applicators.

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Saphir Suede Brush

170 kr
Product: Rubber Brush Saphir, ideal for cleaning both suede and nubuck shoes. ..

Shoe Brush Set

140 kr
Product: A set that is perfect for those who need the necessary shoe accessories for leather sh..

Shoe Brush Handle

35 kr
Product: Practical shoe brush with handle.  Features: Available in two different..

Small Shoe Brush

35 kr
Product: Small shoe brush and applicators made of natural horsehair. Used for applying shoe pol..

Angled Applicators

20 kr
Product: Application Brush natural brush.   Features: Angled handle to simplify the a..

Polishing Cloth

30 kr
Product: Polishing cloth for leather shoes. Used for application of shoecare and effective glos..

Suede brush Brass

50 kr
Product: Suede brush for cleaning suede, nubuck and canvas. Features: Removes dirt, stains..

Washable Cloth

60 kr
Product: Polishing cloth microfiber, which is ideal when you want to trim and clean your leathe..

Round Applicator

80 kr
Product: Applicator for leather shoes with natural horsehair from Collonils premium segments 1909. ..

Polishing Glove

300 kr
Product: Durable polishing in lambswool for efficient polish. Features: The polishin glove..

Shoe Brush Goat Hair

195 kr
Product: Shoe brush for leather shoes made of goat hair. Features: Top made of wood. The bristles ..

Suede Brush

75 kr
Product: Multifunctional suede brush having three different brushes. Suitable for suede, nubuck and ..

Suede Brush

40 kr
Product: Multifunctional suede brush having three different brushes. Suitable for suede, nubuck and ..

Small Shoe Brush

40 kr
Product: Small shoe brush made of wood and natural brush. Features: Suitable for application of sho..

Shoe brush For Leather Shoes

55 kr
Product: Shoe brush with wooden handle for leather shoes. Features: The shoe brush has an appli..

Double-sided Shoebrush

70 kr
Product: Double-sided shoe brush with applicator and wooden handle.   Features: The shoebrush..

Shoe Brush Small

75 kr
Product: Exclusive shoe brush in smaller model with 100% horsehair.  Size: The lengt..

Horsehair Shoe Brush

80 kr
Product: Shoe brush for leather shoes with applicator and wooden handle. Features: The brush ..

Horsehair Shoe Brush

95 kr
Product: Shoe brush for leather shoes.Features: Top made of wood, the shoe brush is made of 100% hor..

Small suede brush

35 kr
Product: Small suede brush for easy and quick cleaning shoes of suede nubuck. The brush is made..
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