Our core values are quality, service and sustainability
We always keep that in mind no matter what footwear we are dealing with

Time after time we have been told that our profession is dying and that we will not be needed. This in an existence where mass-produced footwear that is not worthy of disposal is an increasing proportion of footwear consumption. But, we can promise that we are here to stay. We are passionate about sustainability and act as a counterforce to the wear and tear culture that has gained an ever greater grip in the world around us. Through our customers we have learned that beautiful shoes want to keep as long as possible. We are convinced that there will always be customers who would rather repair and care for their shoes instead of throwing them away.

Every time we have shoes in our hands, it is not just a job we are going to do, for us it means another step towards our vision of a sustainable society. We contribute to a sustainable society by repairing shoes with first-class quality. Regardless of the type of repair we are going to perform on your shoes, we always do it with passion.